Who Made My Bag?

The #Whomademyclothes campaign encourages transparency in the industry and for us, as consumers, to ask how the items that we purchase are being made.

At Wandering Heart, we work directly with artisan producers in Mexico and Guatemala. All of our women’s leather clutches and wallets are handcrafted in a small family workshop in the South of Mexico. This is a family that has specialised in quality leatherwork for over 40 years. 

Their leather products are unique because they also feature the intricate embroidery and woven fabrics of the regions of Mexico. All of the Wandering Heart handbags that feature Mexican embroidery and woven fabrics are bespoke, one of a kind pieces. This is because they utilise handwoven embroidery that is unique. It is not a product that has been mass produced. So, if you have purchased one of our leather handbags that feature Mexican embroidery, you have purchased something very special. 

Jose and his wife Anna work alongside Jose’s father and their two employees in their small family workshop which is attached to their main residence.

They have scaled back the business in recent years and now supply their leather handbags to a number of international brands. They also stock their products in a shop that is managed by a Collective of artisans in their local town. 






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